Google Panda Update| Full Detail Information Algorithm

Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update

Hello Everyone Welcome to our new blog post. On this post, I will tell you about GOOGLE PANDA update that really helps you to understand panda update what actually is it?

What Is Google Panda?

Google Panda Came on 24 Feb 2011 but only as a Filter(like testing). But Google officially Launch this algorithm in 2016.

What is the base of Google Panda?

Google Panda base on all about Quality of Content. Panda algorithm only prefers unique content on-site, it doesn't like any type of copy content.

What Google Panda Doesn't like?

  1. User Experience
  2. Duplicate
  3. Plagiarism
  4. Thin Content
  5. Keyword Stuffing
  6. User Spam
1. User Experience:- Google panda update says! Your website has to be user-friendly. Like:- 
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Speed
  • Images
  • Relevancy Content
  • Human Readable Content(i suggest u)
Website Design matters for any user, if you have good content on your site but if a user visits on your site and doesn't get what they want from the navigation bar. Sure Google panda always navigates the user activity on any website.

Speed >  website speed one of the best most important things if you create a site and everything fine but the speed of page load or site load if slow? The user doesn't like to stay at your website in any condition.

Image > Use Media that will help users to understand what kind of post about.

Relevancy Content:- If a User Searching a keyword About Video Game and your website about NEWSPAPER and your website ranking top on that keyword. that is what Google panda don't like. So use that keyword that related to your website.

2. Duplicate Content:-  If you use other website content that already crawls by google and you use on your site and try to crawl and you want it rank on google. so, guys you are a stupid now, google Algorithm is not fooled like old they will add you on a blacklist so, please use unique content on your site don't try to copy from other website content.

3. Plagiarism:- Mostly peoples like to use spin there content, Google count that activity in Black Hat. So, Don't try to do it.
Some website for SPIN Content 
smallseotools provide you spin your content and you also can check your content plagiarism (how content unique is?)
Spun Content Checker

spun checker tells you how many your words going in spun.

4. Thin Content:- No Matter if your small content gives the user good information but google wants big content at least 500 to 1000 words content. Google Panda only prefers big content.

5. Keyword Stuffing:- Don't Use Many keywords in your blog or article. Use limited keyword if you have a 500-word blog and you using 40 keywords so, sure google panda will prove your content in spam. stay away from keyword stuffing. (Maybe it will rank your site but no longer)

6. User Spam:- It is the same as keyword stuffing and external links on your website. If a user comes on your Blog just only for backlink purpose (Commenting) they just post there comment and use Anchor Text. (Try to save your website from this type of spa> Remove all bad link from anchor text and then post)
Always keep on your brain >>>> 
Panda Update is working smartly and read all content stay aware. 

Now you properly learn about What PANDA UPDATE is? so, if you want to learn more go-ahead for reading my other blogs.
Thank You so much share with your loved once.

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