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Practo Clone is an exact and appropriate replica of the original Practo App. The Practo Clone is the one type of custom on-demand app that has the demanded features and is best suitable for doctors and patients. As we know, in the current fast-growing world everyone is very busy in their work and not on time to deal with their health issues. 

Practo Clone App is the best platform that can be used by people of any age group. And in easy words for better understanding, we can say that it is the virtual doctor consulting app. We can easily book an instant appointment, take the virtual consultant from the doctor, an online prescriptions facility is available, and many more.

Practo Clone

Practo Clone is becoming famous day by day because it fulfills the need of individuals at their fingertips. And they can be cured of their health issues from their home only. Though the Practo Clone App is built for business owners and entrepreneurs to earn good revenue.

The Practo Clone is one of the best ideas to establish the business and the business owners and entrepreneurs are always in the search of that kind of idea only to earn more and more money. 

Choose us the Omninos Solutions for the development of the custom Practo Clone, we have a team of skilled professionals and have separate experienced employees for clone development. We believe in client satisfaction and provide the services and solutions beyond their imaginations at a minimum cost also help them to grow in their business.

Advantages of the Practo Clone

Instant Appointment Booking

One of the best features is that we can easily book the appointment from the app only and then we don’t have to wait for so long in the patient line. Though it saves us so much time.


The app supports filtering which means we can search the doctor of our choice as many doctor’s lists in the app deal with different health issues.

Calendar Synchronization

The app also has the advantage that it gives the calendar synchronization facility which means when on the day we have the appointment it will be shown on the calendar and ping up in a couple of hours again and again to remind us.

Disadvantages of the Practo Clone Script

High Cost 

As the App saves time and provides all the facilities at the fingertips and reduces the individual efforts though it will charge a large amount from individuals who avail all the facilities, from booking an appointment to consult the doctor and, take the online prescription for the same. 

Inappropriate Diagnose

When the doctor sees the major issue. He is not able to provide the appropriate consultation to the patient with seeing the results of the reports. Though online consulting is only for minor health issues only like cough and cold.

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Manage Booking

One of the disadvantages is that sometimes the two individuals booked the same doctor at the same time. It happens often as there are many users for the same.

Latest Features of the Practo Clone

Multiple Platforms

As we know that there are multiple users which use IOS and Android both or one. Though now the app is available for both the platform to run on and ready to cure the health issues of each individual.

Admin and User Dashboard

The app has a personal dashboard for both the admin and the user; the admin has the all right to manage the profile of each individual. Though the user is only able to access their profile and dashboard only and have access to their activity from their dashboard only.

Payment Mode

As in the app we take prescriptions online, consult doctors virtually, so the payment also can be done from online mode only from online banking or from credit. Debit card in a few steps easily.

Personal Storage

As we know that we are concerned about our health issues and don’t want anybody to know about the same. So due to this, the App provides a personal digital storage area where we can easily store our reports in pdf format or any. And the access to that storage is with the user only and he can log in with their credential only for security purposes.

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