Our advice for choosing the right graphic designer for your needs

Finding the right designer, and therefore choosing the one that will best meet your needs, is no easy task. So we will see together what is the ideal recruitment method to find the right designer/graphic designer.

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First of all, what are the missions of a graphic designer?

Calling on a professional graphic designer becomes necessary when you have visual communication needs. Either, print media such as flyers, leaflets, brochures, business cards, roll up ... Or for digital media such as website design, mailing, banner or other visuals for social networks, blogs etc. But the designer also, and above all, takes care of the logo creation.

Note: a graphic designer can have one or more specialties. He can very well be an illustrator, motion designer and / or typography etc. Or, give preference to print rather than digital documents.

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What type of recruitment is possible?

1. The salaried graphic designer: he works exclusively for your company, so he is always available and above all knows your brand identity perfectly. But he must be paid even when you do not have a project to entrust to him, and surely only has a specialty in a particular field.

2. The freelance graphic designer: he is paid only by the project, it is possible to call on a different graphic designer depending on the specificity of the project, but he does not know your brand and must therefore be briefed and is not always available as well.

The steps for selecting your graphic designer

1. Define your recruiting goal

The first step in choosing your graphic designer is as follows: do you have questions about your needs regarding the project that you will entrust to him? By posing your needs clearly and distinctly, you will be able to outline your brief. This will save you time on the rest of the process.

It is therefore a question of defining the objectives of the project: is it a one-off mission for an event, the promotion of a product / service? a long-term notoriety or branding project?

2. Sort by according to the specialties of each designer

As we have already mentioned previously, the term "graphic designer" encompasses many skills and many specialties. Indeed, you must identify the type of design you need: should it be specialized in UX Design and therefore in graphic design for the web? Or should he be specialized in graphic design on print media etc. It is in your interest to choose an expert in his field for a quality result. 

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3. Think about portfolios

Every self-respecting graphic designer has his portfolio, in which you can find an overview of the type of creations he has already made. Thus, you can refer to one of them or at least its style to guide your graphic designer on your expectations and preferences and term of design. 

4. List your expectations and questions as much as possible

When you start a collaboration, or at least a contact with a graphic designer, it is very important that you ask them all the questions that come to your mind. Working with a service provider must be done efficiently and as clearly as possible, thus leaving no room for doubt.

Also remember to provide him with as much information as possible, whether on your company and its activity, or on your expectations in terms of design and graphic creations. The more you detail your wishes, the more your designer will be able to respond to them. 

5. Listen to the professional

In addition to the brief and additional information that you will have provided at the start of your discussions with your professional logo designer, you will surely need to discuss new ones when making proposals and therefore retouching creations. Any collaboration must take place by sharing, exchanging and criticizing constructively. It is therefore essential to listen to your graphic designer who knows his job and the trends of the moment.

Finding a graphic designer can therefore be a real challenge, but now you have all the tips to make the right choice and establish a relationship of trust with your new employee.

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