Folding chair fight full video, woman hit with folding chair

A video capturing the winding down of a physical altercation, which involved a chair being introduced into the situation, has gained substantial traction online. This surge in attention is connected to the widespread news coverage of a previously viral brawl on a riverboat in Alabama. The fresh clip, seemingly originating from an Instagram account based in Detroit earlier this week, revolves around two individuals. In the video, one of them charges towards the other. The targeted individual responds by striking the charger with a folding chair. The caption accompanying the Instagram post reads, "The era of the folding chair: Downtown Detroit yesterday."

Folding chair fight full original video

Off-camera voices can be heard issuing warnings, including bystanders advising the charging individual to "stop" or risk facing consequences like getting hurt. As of now, it remains uncertain when the recording took place and what events led up to the captured moments in the video. Over the past 24 hours, the footage has gained significant popularity, especially on Twitter. It has also been shared and discussed on the Detroit subreddit.

Chairs have amusingly become a recurring theme across social media following the riverboat incident previously mentioned. Local law enforcement announced on Wednesday that two out of three white men involved in the fight had surrendered themselves to the authorities. Allen Todd, aged 23, and Zachary Shipman, aged 25, are both facing assault charges related to the case, as reported by a representative of the Montgomery Police Department to NBC News. Earlier, 48-year-old Richard Roberts had been apprehended, and additional charges are expected to be announced by local law enforcement in the forthcoming days.

In the midst of this, TMZ cited documents on Wednesday revealing that the white men involved in the attack on a Black deck worker allegedly used racial slurs and made threats of further violence during the altercation.

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