What Should We Do To Meet Peace Of Mind?

What Should We Do To Meet Peace Of Mind?

You will take many measures for the peace of your mind and heart. You will also spend money on it, but remember that peace is not attained this way. Peace is not attained by achieving any material things. Rather, it is within you. Peace of mind is not an external thing.

What Guidance to meet peace of mind!

Realization of God: To meet God is called by the ultimate happiness. God himself is the form of Sachchinand, so attaining God is the ultimate happiness. After this, there is no other happiness. Because the rest of the material things are mortal. They get destroyed sometimes, so how can they become our happiness and joy? Thus, you should understand that attaining God is our human happiness.

Now, the question arises of how to meet God.

Methods to Meet God

Chant the name of God: Chanting the name of God is the first step to attaining God. If you decide once, you will chant God's name daily! It will benefit you even if it is only for a few minutes. You can unite with God mentally if you chant God's name constantly.

You can chant the name of any God. Chant the name of the one you have the most faith in.

Shri Krishna. Shri Radha. Om Namah Shivaya. Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay. Jai Ambe. Hare Krishna Hare Ram, Sitaram, and Shri Rama.

In this way, we have different Gods, Goddesses, and Gods. We can chant the name of the one in.

How to chant: You can chant the name with a rosary. And chanting with a rosary is the best. Many types of rosaries are available. Such as Tulsi rosary, Neem rosary, Sphatik rosary, Rudraksha rosary, etc.

Apart from this, you can also do verbal japa. In verbal japa, you must keep saying God's name with your mouth. It is fine even if you do not have a rosary. You can do this anytime. You can say naam japa while doing work in your house or outside. And you can do naam japa while sleeping, waking up, sitting, anywhere, in any situation. Verbal naam japa is also very important. In this, you are also taking the name of God all the time. This is important for peace of mind.

Do japa by writing the name of God: You can also do japa by writing the name of your God. By this method, you can also get peace by taking the name of God. Take a good book, take a red colored pen, and start writing the name of God in beautiful letters. You will have to take time from the whole day to write well. And you will get more benefits. By writing, you will also focus well on every work. Along with peace of mind, you will also become more focused.

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