Tomato crossed Rs 200 1kg Delhi, this big reason behind the increase in price came to the fore

1kg Tomato Price in Delhi Today. The rising prices of tomatoes in the country have loosened the pockets of the people. There is hue and cry in the whole country due to inflation. Almost all types of green vegetables including parwal, bhindi, bitter gourd, bottle gourd and capsicum have become costlier, but the rate of tomato is troubling everyone. Tomatoes are still being sold at Rs 120 to 150 per kg in many states in the country, but the most expensive tomato is in the national capital Delhi. 

Here on Thursday, tomatoes were sold at Rs 259 per kg at many places. At the same time, the real reason for the increase in prices has come to the fore.

Tomato crossed Rs 200 1kg Delhi

Only 6 trucks of tomatoes arrived

Tomato production has been affected due to rain in tomato growing states. Due to this, tomatoes are not being supplied according to the demand in Delhi. Only 6 trucks of tomatoes arrived in Delhi's Azadpur mandi on Thursday, which is only 15 percent of the demand. This means that 85 percent of tomato supply in Delhi is still affected. In such a situation, the prices are increasing due to less availability of tomatoes in the market. At present, tomatoes are being supplied to Delhi from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In such a situation, the cost of shipping is also increasing.

Tomato Price In Delhi, the arrival of tomatoes has reduced in the last three days. Heavy rains have resulted in crop failure in tomato growing states. Only 15 percent of tomatoes could be supplied in Azadpur mandi on Thursday. This is the reason why tomato prices have started rising once again in Delhi. Whereas, Mother Dairy sold tomato at Rs 259 per kg in its Safal retail outlets on Thursday.

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