What happened to Paige Pringle Jacksonville? Paige pringle Jacksonville fl

Tragedy struck on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, in San Marcos when a shooting incident turned fatal, claiming the lives of two victims. The news of this unfortunate event has piqued public interest, with many eager to know the identities of the deceased individuals. Among the victims, one has been identified as Paige Pringle, a 28-year-old bartender. The second victim was Tara Baker, 53 years old. Paige Pringle had been working as a bartender when the tragic incident unfolded.

Paige Pringle

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain shocking. The victims were confronted by an individual who subsequently opened fire on them. The community has expressed their grief and condolences through various memorials. At Dos Gatos, where Paige Pringle worked, a collection of flowers and mementos has been placed outside the doors in remembrance. Another vigil took place at The Parlour, and a roadside memorial near the scene of the shooting on Hendricks Avenue serves as a tribute to the victims.

Investigations into the incident have revealed that Tara Baker, the second victim, was an innocent bystander who had no connection to Paige Pringle. Authorities responded to an accident complaint at 1403 Hendricks Avenue around 1:30 am on the day of the incident. They discovered Paige Pringle inside an SUV with multiple gunshot wounds. While responding, they also found Tara Baker's lifeless body nearby.

Surveillance footage from Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel captured the moments leading up to the tragic shooting. The video depicts a man moving around the store, with two vehicles passing by. One of the vehicles likely belonged to the victims. According to Sgt. Rudlaff of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Paige Pringle was driving the SUV when she was shot, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. Her car eventually collided with a train after possibly stopping at a rail gate.

The loss of Paige Pringle and Tara Baker has left the community in mourning. The details surrounding this tragic incident continue to unfold as authorities investigate further. The memory of these victims will remain in the hearts of those who knew them, as the community grapples with the devastating impact of this senseless act of violence. Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing investigation.

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