Super stars at Ayodhya's Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha

Super stars of South were also present in the consecration ceremony of Ayodhya Ram temple 2024.

Super stars at Ayodhya's Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha

In which famous actors Chiranjeevi, his son Ram Charan and Rajnikanth were present and got the good fortune of getting the holy darshan of Ram Lalla.

On 22 January, all the people of the country are feeling proud because we are all the fortunate people, the subjects, who were able to see with our own eyes the construction of the grand temple of our Ram Lalla in Ayodhya and his life-consecration. And by experiencing this important moment, we were able to further reveal our devotion to Shri Ram within ourselves. In fact, we are very proud and fortunate to be able to renovate our Lord Ram's temple. It is certain from this great incident that from now on no one can stop the growth of Sanatan Dharma in India. Now no invader can defeat us and our religion. This thing is 100 percent certain now.

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So in this way Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan, Pawan Kalyan, Rishabh Shetty, all the famous super stars of South India, they all reached Ayodhya to witness this great and memorable moment. And we gladly accepted the invitation received by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the consecration of Ayodhya Ram Temple, which is a very good thing.

Not only South stars but Bollywood actors also came to Ayodhya for the darshan of Ram Lalla.

Therefore, now we should say that the complete rise and development of Sanatan is not far away. This is happening and will continue to happen even more.

May Lord Shri Ram give wisdom and strength to everyone.

Jai Shri Ram.

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