Top Best 5 Social Media Networking Websites on the Internet

Top 5 Social Media Website

1. Facebook
2. Twitter  
3. Pinterest
4. Tumblr
5. Youtube

Facebook:- Facebook one of the most popular Social Media Websites that normal in our lifestyle. Nowadays mostly all people use in their everyday life. Here we can make new-new friends from any location it does not matter about far or near Facebook Founded by  Mark Zuckerberg in 2006. Maybe you know Facebook also provides a social networking service on its own site. Facebook Service is the best place for Marketing or says to grow your business fast on the internet. Most of the people earning money through Facebook ads. So, Simple guys, Facebook is the best to grow up your business fast.

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How many Activities you can do on Facebook?

Communicate with Friends through Messages
Make new Friends
Post Status
Upload Images, Videos, Gif
Like, Comment And Share
Tag images
Live Stream
Make Notes
Join Group or Make New Groups
Join Pages or Make New Pages
Play Games Online
Create Event plans
Create ads

Twitter:- Twitter Come in 2006 created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. And according to the survey, Twitter gets 5th or 8th (not sure) position in top social media sites. it has a lot of visitors every single day. On twitter, peoples use tweets to share their thoughts, Share images, Links, Videos, tags, #Hush Tags, Etc.. Most companies use Twitter to grow their own business on twitter. and get much traffic on more

Pinterest:- Pinterest is an Online big collection of photos. On Pinterest, you can create your business account and upload your products photos and you also can use the link of your website or anything you want to more

Tumblr:- Tumblr know as microblogging. It is a Social Networking Website. It helps people create their blogs write short blogs or long blogs. you can follow other users and like content, You can share Images, Photos, Videos, more

Youtube:- Youtube is the best open online platform for uploading your content and reach more and more peoples all over the world. As you know that from the youtube channel you can earn a lot of money. You just need to create your own channel and choose the best topic that you have an interest in. and start your journey on youtube more

Guys, I will write more about those social media sites. 
about:- How to grow your Facebook likes, twitter followers, Youtube subscribers ..etc. 
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