Regarding Ayodhya Ram Temple 2024: My thoughts

The year 2024 seems to have brought a new dawn for Santanio. I am saying this because whatever is happening for Hindus in our country these days is very good. Do one good thing about Ayodhya Ram temple. How much relief our soul is getting to see that in this India, Shri Ram's temple has not been built but was destroyed by the destroyers for years. Till today we remain in great sorrow because the temple of Ram ji was not standing on the same land where our Ram Lalla was born and descended. How indecent it was for all the Hindus and their children that some people did not allow their own temple to exist on the birthplace of their Lord. Not only that, but people of some community had built their buildings at that place, which was completely unbearable.

Ayodhya Ram Temple 2024

Even today, if you go to the streets of Ayodhya and ask some people from Shanti community about this, then they are not at all happy today. They do not like to see the Hindu God they are living in the name of Lord Ram. And all this opposition that is being raised regarding the Ram temple in Ayodhya is very painful for us Hindus. Really very sad.

But what to do if the Constitution of our country is secular. That's why we Hindus cannot do anything even though we are in majority. Humji, I am in a pitiful situation for myself, I am helpless, however, we are also forced to bear pain for our God.

Ayodhya Ram Temple 2024

No matter what happens, no matter how much opposition there is against us children, the change that is taking place in the country now seems to be that Lord Ram and Krishna themselves have come forward after being exposed and happy with our devotion. To save his devotees from. And I find this change very pleasant.

Now it seems that now the desire of all the devotees to find God is going to come true. Now God himself wants to come to the Indian soil to meet the devotees, that is why this spiritual and religious change is very positive and exciting for every devotee.

So I had to tell you some of the things that were in my mind regarding Ayodhya Ram temple and other Sanatani things. I hope that you people will be able to understand my words and their meaning.

Jai Shri Ram

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