Everything You’ll Want to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast

Nowadays there are so many topics on which a podcast can be created. A lot of popularity has been gained by podcasting. On various topics like SaaS applications, career advancement and entrepreneurship, the podcast can be created. You can use this medium to reach customers in a very good way. Every month the podcast is started by a large number of Americans that are nearly 67 million. It is very easy to create and distribute a podcast. You just need software for editing the audio and a microphone that is decent. But prior to starting a podcast, a number of questions need to be asked by you from yourself.

Everything You’ll Want to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast

1.On which topic I will get more and more content?

Before creating a podcast, it is important for you to know that for the content that you will present, enough information can be gathered or not. You will try to collect more and more information for your show. For this purpose, you may need to search a number of bookstores’ sections.

2.Which kind of host do I want to become?

  • Journalist – History, entertainment, culture, sports, business and news are the various genres where research on the stories can be performed as well as the pursuit of the podcasts can be done by a large number of reporters.
  • Interviewer – The audience may be expert in certain areas. In order to get information about this and about the lives of the audience, you need to chat with them.
  • Expert – For explaining everything clearly you need to be an expert in the subject.

3.Which type of equipment do I require?

  • A space that is quiet or a studio for recording – You need a recording studio that is soundproof. In place of a studio, you can use a car, a completely closed bathroom or a closet where you can walk-in.
  • A platform to record and edit the show – For recording and editing the show, a program is needed. Zencastr, Squadcast, Skype and Messy are its examples.
  • Microphone – It has a relatively less starting cost. $120 is the price of Blue Yeti Microphone and $60 is the price of Audio-Technica ATR 2100 microphone. These options are affordable. You will be surprised to know that a microphone is not necessarily needed by the Messy platform.

4.Will I take interest in having a co-host?

The schedule of a co-host needs to be the same as that of yours because he will be tactically sharing the vision that you have for your podcast. On a number of occasions, the show was unsuccessful because of a mismatch of the schedule of the co-host with the podcaster.

5.Will I take interest in having guests?

If you want someone to expand their knowledge on the subject-matter as well as to be ready for the interviews then inviting guests for this purpose will be a good idea. One more thing which is important is that you can gain a lot of exposure because of the guests. The reach of your podcast can expand if on social media, sharing of the podcast is done by the guests.

6.Will I take interest in publishing the podcast consistently?

It will be good for you if you consistently publish the new content. However, you should not start a new show per week. What you should do is create 10 episodes and show these in the first season. After the success of the first season, you can go for the second season. But if the first season is not successful then you need to change its format so that the people start taking interest in it.

7.What are the ways to publish the podcast?

There are 2 ways of publishing the show:

  • Directory of the listener – The podcast will be available to the listeners at the directory of the listener. Google Play, Spotify and iTunes are its examples.
  • RSS feed / platform for hosting – On the directories of the listeners, the new content will get published automatically. Along with this the RSS feed will present your show in a live form.

8.What should I do to increase my audience?

  • You – Your audience can increase if on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you promote your show.
  • Take the help of the press – Take the help of national media or local media at the time of launching the show. For the media it can be a value-add if your show is effective.
  • Do cross-promotion – At your show invite the hosts of other shows and ask them to invite you as a guest on the show that they host.
  • Take the help of guests – It is possible that the guests are having a huge audience. For increasing your show’s reach, invite those people as guests which have a huge audience and can really help you.

9.What are the ways to monetize the podcast?

  • Add yourself to a network – The network will help you by selling ads for you. The network will take interest in your show if your per episode listeners are 15000.
  • Take help from live events – Arrange a live show and set an entry fee for it.

10.Do I need to measure any metrics?

For a single show how many downloads do you get on an average? You need to calculate this.

  Average downloads for a single show = Total listens/Total episodes

Your potential guests, sponsors and advertisers will take interest in this metric.

If you want to use social media for the purpose of achieving the goals of marketing for your business then you need to plan a digital marketing strategy for it.

Author - Akshay Sharma

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