Samanyudu: Vishal `Samanyudu 'Review

Samanyudu: Vishal `Samanyudu 'Review: It seems to be true that Vishal has been pursuing a career for four years with a single film called Pandenkodi. Every time I saw his movie. Whether he makes movies after hearing those stories or people think they will come for me but come for stories but ... the thing is becoming rare in Vishal movies. Cutting the trailer with an action episode every time ... jumping into the theater with a statement that this time the dust is going off ... Carafe has become the address for routine mass movies. After all, watching this movie reminds us of a lot of movies from the eighties and nineties. Doesn't Vishal remember ... or does it mean that people then think that what comes to the theater now is new to them?

Samanyudu: Vishal `Samanyudu 'Review


Porus (Vishal) is a middle class human being. He wants to hit the police job like his father (Marimuthu). , Porus (Vishal), who usually lives with his mother (Tulsi) and sister (Raveena Ravi) .He is the hero of all ... But if your father does that, you will be caught in a crime. Hita teaches that it will make it difficult for you to get a police job. The villain of this story is Nilakantham (Baburaj). He wants to be an MP.

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That villain co chemical factory. That is the problem for the people. Pure (Ilango Kumaravel) wants to put those difficulties and hardships in front of everyone. The villain sapphire does not like it as usual. Shara kills him routinely. During this time, even the porous sister is killed. Then Porus begins his own style of excavation to find his invalid killer before the police arrive. What happens in that order. Who are the invalid killers..why did they kill ... did Porus Buddhi tell his invalid killers ... did he finally become a policeman? The rest of the story revolves around things like what a love story with Maithili (Dimple Hayati) is.

Analysis ...

There is nothing big to talk about in this movie script. Very plain script. Routine K Elaborate screen play as a routine. Vishal has not done such a blatant story lately. A twist but, the element that gives the high but made all the precautions out of nowhere. Vishal himself is also a producer. Whether he made a movie that he liked immensely or invested in a story like this but it looks like a wasted effort to anyone who has seen it taken. What's not remarkable about this movie is that they are pre - interval scenes ... climax scenes ... nothing more. Vishal keeps on doing the action but gets bored with the lack of a back story.

Directed by other Departments

Direction seems to be just okay. The only song in the movie is 'Mattekkinche Kalle…' Average. Yuvraj Shankar Raja background score..there seems to be something even in the irrelevant scenes. The theme music for "Rise of a Common Man" is good. Kevin Camera work is good. ‘How is a criminal born? Only when there is a dilemma that there is a savior for oneself ',' I am a commoner. Dialogues such as 'Kill me if I don't turn around' come to life with good writing, even dubbing.

Such characters are not new to Vishal in the cast. Dimple Hayati seemed to have something to do with being a hero lover. Yogibabu laughed a bit as the hero friend.

Final Thought

It would have been nice to have the title 'Most Common' instead of 'Common'. Occasionally 'Most' ... Everything else 'Common'

--Surya Prakash Joshyula

Rating: 2

Who ...

Cast: Vishal, Dimple Hayati, Yogibabu, Marimuthu, Tulsi, Raja, Baburaj, Ilango Kumaravel, Raveena Raj

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Kavin Raj

 Editor: NB Srikanth;

Art: SS Murthy

Written and directed by: T.P. Saravanan

Producer: Vishal;

Release Date: February 4, 2022

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