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Whether it's for increased comfort, convenience, or personal preferences, picking the proper seat on a flight can significantly improve your travel experience. When flying with Iberia Airlines, you have various seat options to choose from. In this post, we'll examine the Iberia Seat Selection so you may choose your seat for your upcoming travel with confidence.

  • Economy Class Seats: Iberia Airlines offers a standard Economy Class seating option on all its flights. These seats provide a comfortable and affordable choice for travelers. While the specific seat features and legroom may vary depending on the aircraft and route, Economy Class generally includes a standard seat with an adjustable headrest and a recline function. Depending on the length and availability of the journey, passengers can also use the in-flight entertainment systems and purchase extras like onboard food and Wi-Fi.

  • Economy Space Seats: For passengers seeking a little more legroom and comfort, Iberia Airlines offers Economy Space seats. These seats provide extra legroom compared to standard Economy Class seats, allowing for a more relaxed and spacious journey. Economy Space seats are typically located in designated rows throughout the Economy Class cabin, offering a better seating experience for a nominal fee. It's worth noting that the availability of Economy Space seats may vary depending on the flight, so it is advisable to reserve them in advance.

  • Business Class Seats: Iberia Airlines' Business Class offers a premium and luxurious travel experience. Passengers flying in Business Class enjoy enhanced comfort, priority services, and access to exclusive airport lounges. Long-haul flights benefit greatly from the seats' ability to recline into a lie-flat position, which offers optimum privacy and relaxation. The seats also provide plenty of legroom. Additionally, guests travelling in business class can take advantage of a variety of facilities, such as customised dining selections, a large variety of in-flight entertainment options, and attentive cabin crew service.

  • Premium Economy Seats: Iberia Airlines also offers a Premium Economy seating option on select long-haul flights. Premium Economy provides a higher level of comfort and additional amenities compared to Economy Class. Passengers can expect wider seats with increased legroom, enhanced meal services, priority boarding, and an improved in-flight entertainment experience. Premium Economy seats provide an excellent middle-ground option between Business Class and Economy Class, offering added comfort without the full premium price tag.

  • Preferred Seats: Iberia Airlines offers Preferred Seats, which are standard Economy Class seats located in desirable locations within the cabin. These seats are typically situated in the front rows or by the emergency exits, providing extra legroom or easier access to the facilities. Preferred Seats can be selected for an additional fee during the booking process, or they may be available for free selection by Iberia Plus elite members or customers with specific fare types.


When flying with Iberia Airlines, passengers have a range of seat options to suit their preferences and travel needs. Whether you choose the comfort of Business Class, the added legroom of Economy Space seats, or the affordability of standard Economy Class, Iberia ensures a comfortable journey for all passengers. You can choose the seat that best suits your travel tastes and budget by being knowledgeable about the many seat alternatives that are offered. Enjoy your flight with Iberia Airlines and have a pleasant journey!

(FAQs) related to the different seat options available on Iberia Airlines:

Q: How can I select a specific seat on Iberia Airlines?

A: Iberia Airlines offers various ways to select your seat. Direct seat selection is an option when booking your Iberia ticket on their website or mobile app. Simply go into your account on the Iberia website or contact their customer service to choose a seat if you have already booked a reservation but haven't done so. Some seat options, such as Preferred Seats or Economy Space seats, may involve an additional fee.

Q: Can I upgrade my seat from Economy Class to Business Class on Iberia Airlines?

A: Yes, it is possible to upgrade your seat from Economy Class to Business Class on Iberia Airlines, depending on availability and fare conditions. Iberia offers different upgrade options, such as bidding for an upgrade through their auction system or using Avios (Iberia's loyalty program points) to upgrade. It's recommended to check the airline's website or contact their customer service to explore the specific upgrade options for your flight.

Q: Are there any benefits to selecting a Preferred Seat on Iberia Airlines?

A: Yes, choosing a Preferred Seat on Iberia Airlines can offer several benefits. Preferred Seats are standard Economy Class seats located in favorable locations within the cabin, such as those with extra legroom or closer to the front of the plane. By selecting a Preferred Seat, you can enjoy more space, easier access to the facilities, and a generally more comfortable experience. Keep in mind that Preferred Seats may involve an additional fee, depending on the fare type or your membership status with Iberia's loyalty program.

Remember to review the specific details and policies related to seat selection on Iberia Airlines, as they can vary depending on the route, aircraft, and fare type. If you want the most precise and recent information on seat possibilities and selection, it's usually a good idea to get in touch with the airline directly or visit their website.

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