Pakistan judge video leaked Humayun Dilawar

The name of Additional District Judge (ADSJ) Humayun Dilawar has surged in prominence within Pakistan following his verdict that convicted former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to a three-year prison term in the Toshakhana case. Beyond the guilty verdict, Dilawar also imposed a fine of Rs 100,000 on Khan. After delivering the judgment, including an order for Khan's arrest at his Lahore residence, Judge Dilawar left for London.

Pakistan judge video leaked

Who is Humayun Dilawar

Judge Humayun Dilawar's journey to London was associated with his participation in a University of Hull judicial conference, scheduled from August 5 to 13, as reported by Pakistan's ARY News. Interestingly, his name was added to the attendee list on August 4, based on a recommendation from the Islamabad High Court Chief Justice. The High Court's registrar conveyed this through a letter on the mentioned date.

Background and Notable Achievements of Judge Dilawar Prior to his involvement in the Toshakhana Case, Judge Humayun Dilawar was previously associated with a gender-based violence court. His stint there was later followed by a transfer to the session court. His tenure on the Gender Discrimination Court lasted from April 1, 2022, to April 13, 2023.

According to The News report, Judge Dilawar made significant decisions during his term, including the issuance of death sentences to seven individuals and life sentences to eleven in separate cases. Impressively, he presided over 1,322 cases and surpassed his case management goal of 1,235 points by amassing 1,717 points through hearings and sentencing.

Born in Pakistan and aged 45, Judge Dilawar is married to Ayesha Dilawar and is a father to two sons and a daughter. His family members are deeply rooted in the legal profession. Despite his consistent legal career, his reputation took a hit due to viral Facebook posts. After being found guilty, he sought refuge in the UK, citing his attendance at the Judicial Training on Human Rights scheduled from August 5-13. However, the veracity of this claim remains uncertain.

Imran Khan Viral Video 

Implications of Imran Khan's Conviction and Viral Video Controversy Supporters of Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister, have been seeking authorities' intervention for his release and reconsideration of his statements. Nevertheless, the court has already rendered its verdict, signaling that Khan must face the consequences of his actions during his tenure.

Recently, social media has been ablaze with a video purportedly featuring Judge Humayun Dilawar in a compromising situation with a female. The authenticity of this video has yet to be verified, and the judge has not issued any response on the matter.

This incident surrounding Judge Humayun Dilawar's viral video has garnered significant global attention. A video titled "Judge Humayun Dilawar Leaked Video" initiated the attention, and subsequently, multiple videos concerning him gained traction on various platforms.

Of notable significance is a specific clip from the aforementioned leaked video, which has gained prominence due to its easy accessibility on the internet. Despite the confirmed explicit content, investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

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