Watch video of woman assaulted in león guanajuato

In the heart of León, Guanajuato, a horrifying incident was immortalized in the Video of a woman assaulted in Leon Guanajuato , a young woman who suffered a ruthless attack on her birthday. The sound of desperation echoed through Milagros' voice as she pleaded, "I have nothing, I swear I have nothing!" Her words reverberated after the man assaulted her, thrusting his knife into her body, striking her multiple times, including once in her chest.

video of woman assaulted in león guanajuato

LEÓN, Gto., (appro).- The daylight murder of a woman on a street in León was captured by surveillance cameras. The footage depicted a calm assailant trailing her before abruptly attacking.While the homicide initially seems linked to a robbery attempt, the León Public Security Secretariat was quick to suggest that the crime stemmed from a personal conflict.

The video, recorded at 6:33 a.m. on Thursday, shows the woman, identified as Milagros, 40, walking along Lago de Zumpango street in the Granada neighborhood. A man in a lemon green shirt and dark pants trails her at a distance. Unaware of her pursuer, the woman is caught off guard when the man catches up to her, a moment not captured on camera. Later in the footage, they reappear, with the man gripping her arm while she struggles to break free.

Video de mujer asaltada en Leon Guanajuato Completo

"I have nothing, I swear I have nothing!" Milagros' voice trembles, the only audible words, as she continues to stagger forward after enduring the man's two stabbings, one of which pierced her chest. The man departs at a moderate pace and disappears. The entire attack takes less than two minutes. Nearby neighbors later rushed to her aid, transporting her to a hospital. Tragically, her life couldn't be saved. The Secretary of Security hastily released a statement on social media, asserting, "This incident is not a result of a robbery, as it was a targeted assault possibly due to personal disputes (sic)."

The search for the man who "premeditatedly attacked" the woman remains ongoing; however, by afternoon, no news of an arrest had surfaced.The police report shared with the media includes an alleged witness account suggesting "the woman was seen arguing with the alleged perpetrator before the attack," though the Prosecutor's Office hasn't confirmed this detail.

Reports from AM newspaper state that Milagros was en route to her job at a Walmart store and that the incident occurred on her birthday.León holds the dubious distinction of being the third city with the highest rate of intentional homicides in the country among the 50 cities prioritized for security measures by the federal government. According to data from the Executive Secretariat for Public Security, 707 people were killed from June 2022 to June 2023. In response to cases of femicide and women disappearing, León and other municipalities in the state are being considered for a declaration of a Gender Violence Alert.

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