Where is Sexyy Red From, Sexyy Red Twitter Video Viral

Sexyy Red, also known as Janae Wherry, is from St. Louis, Missouri. The curiosity surrounding Sexyy Red is undeniable. On a Tuesday night, rap sensation Drake stirred intrigue when he shared a snapshot on his Instagram Story, featuring an intimate moment with his fellow rapper. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Sexyy Red, born Janae Wherry in 1998, entered the rap scene in 2016. Her musical journey commenced with her inaugural track, "Ah Thousand Jigs," in 2018. Building on her momentum, she unveiled her debut mixtape, "Ghetto Superstar," in 2021, marking the beginning of her burgeoning career. Red's trajectory has been marked by consistent growth. Earlier in 2023, her collaboration with Tay Keith yielded the viral hit "Pound Town," celebrated for its unapologetic openness about sexuality.

where is sexyy red from

Furthering her presence, Red contributed to the remix of NLE Choppa's "Slut Me Out." In May, she released "Pound Town 2," featuring Nicki Minaj, a track that climbed the Billboard Hot 100, reaching an impressive position of no. 66. Keeping the momentum alive, she introduced her most recent mixtape, "Hood Hottest Princess," in June. The Origin of the Name Sexyy Red Exploring the genesis of her unique moniker, Sexyy Red shared in an interview with Complex that "Red" was a nickname from her middle school days due to her red hair. The addition of "Sexyy" emerged later in her journey.

"When I was trying to upload my first recorded song as I started rapping, I was unsure of what name to use. My cameraman suggested 'Sexyy Red' since I had the combination of being sexy and my name being Red. I liked the idea," she recounted. "Initially, we experimented with various prefixes before 'Red,' but when he proposed 'Sexyy,' I felt it fit perfectly."

sexyy red twitter video

Inspirations Behind Sexyy Red's Music Regarding her musical style and influences, Red revealed her admiration for artists like Project Pat, Juicy J, and Three 6 Mafia, particularly drawn to Memphis flows. She also noted her affinity for male rappers such as Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Boosie, and Webbie. Addressing the explicit content in her lyrics, she described her music as "bad" and "ratchet," warning against playing it around children. She humorously shared that even kids connect with her music.

"I am truly a product of my environment. People might label me as 'ghetto' or 'dusty,' but in my surroundings, I'm considered well-kept. What they see as 'dusty' is actually clean where I come from. It's an authentic representation of my reality, a blend of trench and street culture."

The Speculation Surrounding Drake and Sexyy Red Despite Drake referring to her as his "rightful wife," there's been no conclusive evidence of a romantic involvement between him and Sexyy Red. Presently touring with 21 Savage, Drake has been seen with various women, though not with Red. Nevertheless, fans have speculated about a possible collaboration between the two artists, further fueling the intrigue surrounding them.

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