What's Open and Closed on Labor Day 2023: Your Guide to Holiday HoursWhat's Open and Closed on Labor Day 2023: Your Guide to Holiday Hours


Labor Day, a national holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday of September, is a time for relaxation, barbecues, and enjoying the last bit of summer. As you plan your activities for this year's Labor Day, it's essential to be aware of what will be open and closed on this holiday. Here's your comprehensive guide to the holiday hours and services available on Labor Day 2023.

What's Typically Closed on Labor Day:

Government Offices: Most federal, state, and local government offices are closed on Labor Day. This includes post offices, DMV offices, and courthouses.

Financial Institutions: Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions usually close their doors for the holiday. It's essential to plan any necessary banking transactions in advance.

Schools and Universities: Labor Day typically marks the end of summer vacation for students, but schools and universities remain closed on this day.

Libraries: Public libraries generally close on Labor Day.

Stock Markets: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ are closed for trading on Labor Day.

Non-Essential Retail Stores: Many retail stores, particularly smaller businesses, choose to close for the holiday. However, large shopping malls and chain stores often remain open.

What's Typically Open on Labor Day:

Retail Chains: Most large retail chains and shopping malls stay open on Labor Day, offering special sales and promotions to attract holiday shoppers.

Restaurants: Many restaurants and fast-food chains remain open on Labor Day, so you can still dine out or order takeout.

Gas Stations: Gas stations generally remain open, ensuring you can fill up your tank if you're hitting the road for a long weekend trip.

Pharmacies and Drugstores: Most pharmacies and drugstores stay open on Labor Day, providing essential services and medications.

Grocery Stores: Supermarkets and grocery stores are typically open, allowing you to stock up on food and supplies for your holiday celebrations.

Public Transportation: Public transportation services like buses and subways often operate on holiday schedules, so be sure to check the timetables if you plan to use them.

Medical Facilities: Hospitals, urgent care centers, and some medical offices remain open to provide necessary healthcare services.

Activities for Labor Day:

While many businesses and institutions close on Labor Day, it's an excellent opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, picnics, barbecues, and spend quality time with friends and family. National parks, beaches, and recreational areas are often open and welcoming visitors. Additionally, Labor Day parades, festivals, and local events may take place in your area, providing entertainment and community engagement opportunities.

As Labor Day approaches, be sure to double-check the specific hours and services of businesses and institutions in your area, as holiday schedules can vary. Whether you're taking a day of rest or engaging in holiday festivities, this guide will help you plan accordingly and make the most of your Labor Day 2023.

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