How to Start Your own Blog in 2020?

How to Start Your Own Blog in 2020?

How to Start your own Blog?

If you really want to start a new blog or you are thinking about to become a Blogging Master?
Believe me, this article really will help you to create a good blogging website  I suggest you all the best and good thing that you should know before starting any website for blogging guys.
In 2020 New Era is started already as you already know in 2020 how many changes or many defaults will be face or will come who's know? But I have some really great ideas that really will help you to make money by doing blogging. I am gone a give you the Best Tips for blogging in 2020. Let me tell you about how you start your blogging journey and earn 100 to 500+ dollars daily.

How to Start Blogging and Earn money in 2020?

First what you need to do? 

  • Choose your amazing Niche:- Choose your best niche for easy to understand about > what do you want to start writing about on your blog or what will you write content on your blogging site. and for what will you have gone a target? Maybe Niche is looking small thing but it is not a small thing because you need to know what kind of topics are the best for your blogging. Finding a niche is one of the important steps to build a successful website.

Tips for Choose the best Niche in 2020:-

> Best Idea for choosing the Niche in 2020:-

  • Identify your interests and passions. (This may be something you've already done)
  • Identify problems you can solve.
  • Research your competition.
  • Determine the profitability of your niche.

  • Identify your interests and passions:- You need to choose the best thing you like to do. you can explain it in your blog about your experiences related to that topic or you can tell them about what is .., how it's work, from where we need to start, where to buy those things or bla bla.. etc. really, believe me, you enjoy your blog while writing in any articles and what I am talking about that is all what? that's all about your interests and passions.

  • Identify Problems you can solve:- You can tell about those problems that people are facing. Find whether of the problem that customers' facings? then Make a list about it & collect data and then take action about it. and it is a really profitable business idea.

for your blogging.

  • Research your Competition:- Before the start your article or choose niche you should check your competitor website articles and domain name then what keywords they used in there Articles and check there volume, Difficulty of keyboards, (Volume will help you to understand that how many peoples search XYZ keyword in monthly. and Difficulty will help you to understand that what is your keyword competitions High, Medium, or Low? ) and it will help your article to rank in top and make sure important thing is your article stay with SEO friendly.

  • Determine the Profitability of your Niche:- Choose the best niche for making much money. You need to think about all those ideas that help you to grow your business. check on google upcoming trends, check on the news about what is in trending? check everything that helps you to choose your best niche.
read some more below:-

I hope you like my article I wrote a short article that really will help you to choose the best nice for you. 
Thank You

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