Anupam Kher And Modi Meet: Get Full Story Here

Anupam Kher And Modi Meet: Get Full Story Here: Big disclosure of Anupam Kher, said - Healthy person is harmful for the country's economy because he does not buy petrol, tax...

Anupam Kher And Modi Meetup
Anupam Kher And Modi Meetup

Anupam Kher, who is constantly in the news for 'The Kashmir Files', is known for his impeccable style after his performance. Anupam Kher never forgets to share his thoughts with his most special friend i.e. his fans. At the same time, his fans also do not get tired of praising him, but this time he has shared such a video on his Instagram account which will really blow you away. After watching this video of Kher, the fans are not tired of giving their opinion.

The prices of petrol and diesel have been increasing continuously for the last several days. Many people have now left their scooters and their sparkling cars and got down on cycles. On the other hand, this video of Anpum Kher is no less than blowing your senses. Yes, recently Anupam Kher has shared a video on his Insta handle in which he says- 'Cycling is very harmful for the economy of any country i.e. GDP. It sounds funny, but it is the truth, the bitter truth. A cyclist is a big disaster for the country. Because he does not buy a car, does not take a loan, he does not insure the car. He does not buy oil, he does not get the car serviced, he does not even get the car parked by paying money and he is not fat either.

With this, he says Anupam Kher that 'It is true that a healthy person is not at all right for the economy. Because he doesn't take medicines because he doesn't need them. He doesn't go to the hospital because he doesn't need it. He doesn't see the doctor because he doesn't need it. It is not contributing to the GDP of the nation. In contrast, a fast food shop creates 30 jobs. 10 heart doctors, 10 tantra doctors, 10 different types of people doing weight loss. But a pedestrian is even more dangerous. Because even a pedestrian does not buy a cycle.

Along with this, Anupum Kher says in his video that 'It was a satire. None of these people take it seriously, don't think that it is making fun of the cyclists, making fun of the poor. Let us tell you that people are commenting fiercely on this video of Anupam Kher. One user wrote - Dil ki baat di sir and another wrote - Sir everyone's day comes, now the cycle has come.

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